The Eetbare Academische Tuin (EAT)  blends all WUR disciplines into a participatory-based project with a WUR community focus.

The idea came from the vision of two students in linking all disciplines of Wageningen UR to create a park-like edible academic garden in the center of the campus. Hands-on inspiration across all life sciences will stem from this garden, creating the necessary link between science and nature.

Students and staff that hear about this idea are triggered to think about what they see as added value to this project from their reality.

Outside of the comfort zone is where the magic happens

With the vision of linking the disciplines to create an academic garden, we began creating a community of WUR students, staff and Wageningen community members. Our openness to input from the community brought many interested and motivated individuals into the sphere of the project.

Several WUR faculty members recognized the ambition and importance of the EAT project and decided to help make this vision become a reality. With the organization of workshops and a facebook group, hundreds of interested people were brought together in a few months time.

To be a source of inspiration for each other

The project has been spread mostly through word of mouth, whether through interactions around Wageningen or through Facebook. Interested individuals often have enthusiasm and ideas for the project and thereafter become part of the EAT community through communication with board members.

This open forum for ideas serves to create a network of passionate individuals looking to make this project a reality.

‘It starts with an idea, and by inspiring each other it becomes real’


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