Mission: To cultivate an academic garden where the WUR community  can learn about food production and sustainability in action by working collaboratively and putting ecological design into practice.

Vision: To be a world leader in innovative edible academic gardens.

  •  Showcase innovative design and learn ecological design principles
  • Foster participatory learning and interdisciplinary educational methods

We aim to demonstrate how multifunctional land use will allow Wageningen UR to create:

  •  A more attractive campus
  • More effective use of space and facilities
  •  Link different groups and disclipines
  • Show how our campus contributes to the quality of life in our daily life.

By integrating educational garden elements in future landscape elements, we are adding aesthetic value to the campus as a whole. We aim to enhance the overall landscape and educational experience for visitors, staff and students alike.

Having the garden at the heart of the campus is vital for its role in demonstration and in engaging with the WUR community, which has also been shown by the research of the first ACT group that looked globally at the functioning of academic gardens on other university campuses.

Using participatory democracy as focal point for progess, this project will you continue to be co-created through a synergy of many disclipines.

“To explore the potential of nature, to improve the quality of life”
Mission statement Wageningen UR

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