Project EAT strives to work in a participatory way, For efficiency in planning and organization we are using a hierarchical system

The board of project EAT consists of members that maintain the total overview and are the driving force behind the 4 main working groups

1. Communication



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2. Agroecology

Agroecology is the study of ecological processes that operate in agricultural production systems. The aim of the garden is to create an edible landscape with the function of presenting knowledge and provide a platform for social engineering. Agroecological design principles will be used to support the landscape architects in their design of an agricultural education system.

3. Design

Combining the knowledge of landscape architecture students with Agro Ecological design principles, this team is striving to create a park-like edible academic garden. In this process, analysis of the environment is key to understand the values of which the garden should consist, to be able to enhance the park-like landscape of Wageningen UR structure

4. Education & Research

This group is the link between the project and the education. The ACT, internships and thesis go via this group, to keep the overview and give guidance.


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